Translations, transcriptions and proofreading English, German and French, competence fields and professional expertise


Translation Agency : English, German, French.

Alpha-Traductions, commitment to quality

  • To benefit from extensive experience in varied fields of translation, in three languages (French, English, German), as well as an immersive knowledge of each culture, which constitutes a major asset in the current international environment.
  • To facilitate seamless communication
  • To obtain ongoing and personalized works because we maintain long term relationships of trust and mutual respect with the companies with which we cooperate.
  • To be assured that each work is reviewed by competent persons, in their mother tongue.

We consider every translation a real challenge, whatever its topic is.

A perfect mastery of the 3 languages, allows us to propose translations that perfectly correspond to the source texts, not only the content, but also the literary style.

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Translation/Transcription/Proof reading and editing in three languages:

 To better meet your needs, we offer in addition to our translation services:

  • Transcriptions from audio 
  • Proof reading 
  • Writing 

These services are available in the three languages : French, English and German

  • Translation French > English
  • Translation English > French
  • Translation French > German
  • Translation German > French
  • Translation German > English
  • Translation English > German
  • Transcription German
  • Transcription French
  • Transcription English
  • Proof reading German
  • Proof reading French
  • Proof reading English
  • Text writing in German
  • Text writing in French
  • Text writing in English 

Corinne KALMAR

Corinne Kalmar

Corinne KALMAR

La Basse Tourronde
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F 05000 GAP

Tel :+33 (0)4 92 51 24 05
Mob. :+33 (0)6 99 66 41 94

e-mail : cliquez ici

  • Top quality service in respect of all types of content
  • Speed and strict observance of deadlines
  • Prices according to the specifics and lead times.
  • Translations tailored to the needs, words selected with relevance
  • Transcriptions (F/GB/ D), proofreading (F/GB/D)
  • Compiling of texts of all sorts and grades