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Translation Agency

Translations / Transcriptions / Proof reading / Writing

Alpha-Traductions offers:

  • Translations: from an original text (in French, German or English), we provide a translation into the language of your choice (French, German or English) respecting form and content of your text as well as the literary style.
  • Transcriptions: from an audio medium (in French, German or English), we transcribe texts either on an audio medium or in writing.
  • Proof reading: from an original text (in French, German or English ) we offer a complete proof reading in order to correct spelling, style and to make the content coherent according to the focused goal: marketing, literature, laws, etc.

Please note: all these services can be combined!

Example: French audio medium + French transcription + German translation.
Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Competence fields:

Alpha-Traductions offers among other skills specific experience in the fields below:

  • Websites translations, proof reading before launching, transcriptions of interviews.
  • Tourism: translation of brochures, descriptions ((historical editorials, architecture, landscapes...), sport activities, festivals.
  • Legal translations: business contracts, civil proceedings.
  • Marketing: Contracts, brochures, instructions for use, seminaries, conferences
  • Editorial: Press articles, reports
  • Environment: Books and conferences (nature parks, fauna and flora).
  • Arts & Literature Translations: various topics, disks sleeves, books jackets, brochures, descriptions of works of art.
  • Technique: instructions for use, tests descriptions, implementations.
  • Medical: cardio-vascular monitoring equipment.
  • Cosmetics: product line based on buckthorn and birch. . 
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From 1983 to 1992 - 9 years: triligual secretarial services in Germany.

Application fields: Import-export, semiconductors, cosmetic industry, tourism, environment and fashion. 

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From 1992 to 2000 - 8 years: U.S.A. freelance translation service.

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From 2000-2005 - 5 years: Tourism Office in Serres.

International tradeshows (Tourism), writing and editing of brochures (tourism and heritage), improvement of the communication infrastructure and tourist facilities.

Since  2005 - 7 years: Alpha-Traductions, translation agency 


Corinne KALMAR

Corinne Kalmar

Corinne KALMAR

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  • Top quality service in respect of all types of content
  • Speed and strict observance of deadlines
  • Prices according to the specifics and lead times.
  • Translations tailored to the needs, words selected with relevance
  • Transcriptions (F/GB/ D), proofreading (F/GB/D)
  • Compiling of texts of all sorts and grades